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Lists of members of Glynarthen Congregational Chapel

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1872-73 | 1874 | 1875 | 1876-77 | 1880-81


These members lists are partial transcriptions of registers of contributions made by members of Glynarthen Congregational Chapel, which is situated in the Parish of Penbryn in the county of Cardigan, Wales. The Chapel is independent and the congregation was drawn from the neighbouring Parishes including Troedyraur and Bettws Evan, as well as Penbryn Parish.

The Original Records

The register of contributions contains the name and surname of each member, together with their place of residence and the quarterly amount contributed for the support of the ministry (typically sixpence or a shilling). There are two register books covering 1872-1879 (National Library of Wales MS deposit 949B) and 1880-1912 (National Library of Wales MS deposit 947B). These books have been filmed and can be ordered up from any LDS Family History Centre (Family History Library call number 839697).


I have transcribed all the registers from between 1872 and 1881, with the exception of 1878-79. I completed this work for a Family and Community History research project (Open University DA301) to provide evidence of labour mobility in the years between the 1871 and 1881 census. I chose the Glynarthen area for this project because there were members lists available and because my ancestors lived in the area.

The original lists are arranged in various formats at the whim of the chapel secretary of the time. Most of the lists are alphabetical by surname then forename of the first member in each residence, with other members in the same house listed alphabetically by surname then forename. For consistency, I've standardised on this format in the lists presented here. New members were added to the list after the alphabetical section, so bear in mind that some individuals will appear separately in the list, even if they were in the same household.

Searching the lists

These lists are presented in the order of the original records and there isn't an overall index. Please scroll down the lists or use your browser's search facility to find your surnames of interest. Don't forget to check the bottom of the lists for members that aren't in the alphabetical section.

My transcriptions are a fairly accurate copy of the original lists of members. There will be gaps, omissions and mistakes, so please check the original records before you rely on the data as fact (National Library of Wales MS deposits 949B and 947B, and Family History Library call number 839697).

Finally, I'd appreciate an email if you find your family on these lists or if you have an interest in the area.

Last updated on 29 January 2001

Contents | Introduction

1872-73 | 1874 | 1875 | 1876-77 | 1880-81