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The Keep Military Museum

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The First Floor

The First Floor, The Keep The First Floor, The Keep

The first floor gives a chronological history of the activities of our Regiments from 1685 up until the present day, including the Regiment's tour of duty in Iraq. There is a bunker with an explanatory video, touch screen computers and a wide range of artefacts and photographs for visitors to look at. Some exhibits recall the courage of individuals, such as the Dorset Regiment's Samuel Vickery who was awarded the Victoria Cross from bravery on the North West Frontier; others simply remember the nameless thousands who gave their lives for their country during the great world conflicts of the last century. Don't forget to look for Roland the rat, hiding in the World War One trenches display!

Hitler's Desk, The Keep First Floor Display, The Keep

Hitler's desk is perhaps the Museum's most famous exhibit, and this is on the first floor. It was recovered from the Chancellory in the ruins of Berlin by the Dorsetshire Regiment in 1945. The drawers contained the Fuhrer's personal writing paper and his 1943 christmas card. The museum's display also includes examples of the Nazi regime's evil and the reason for such a huge loss of life. The desk is now protected by Perspex screens as so many visitors wanted to touch a piece of furniture used by one of the world's most vile dictators, that the desk was in danger of becoming damaged. It is displayed to represent was what arguably the darkest era of the twentieth century in the hope that we have learnt some lessons from out past.

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