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Alphabetical list of nurses - the "Florence Nightingale Nurses"

This is a list of British female nursing staff, the "Florence Nightingale Nurses" who served at various hospitals in Turkey during the Crimean War. I compiled the list from an index and partial abstract of the Register of Nurses [1], which is held at the Florence Nightingale Museum.

The list is limited to those nurses that I am currently aware of, so if you find a nurse who might be linked with the Crimean War but isn't already on the list please contact me. I am grateful for additions and corrections provided by the late Ken Horton.

Mary Ann Adams Mrs Lamacroft
Magdeline Alcock Mrs Emma Laughton
Miss Mary Alpin Mrs Rebecca Lawfield
Elizabeth Amiel Clara Lawler
Miss Emily Anderson Mary Lee
Miss Kate Anderson Mrs Jones Lloyd
Mrs Isabella Anderson Mrs Elizabeth Logan
Mrs Anderton Mrs Lyass
  Joseph Lynch
Mrs Baker  
S Barnes Marie Therese Macclean
Georgiana Barrie Miss Abigail Macleod
Sister Bertha (E B Turnbull) Mrs Annabella Macleod
Mrs Bessant Mrs A G Macronbrey
Annie Blackhall Mrs Mary Maloney
Elizabeth Blake Sister Margaret
Mrs Blakey Mrs Mary Marks
Mrs Bowler Mrs McPhee
Miss Bramwell Mrs Susan McPherson
Mrs Brereton Miss C Mesurier
Mrs Bridgeman Miss Le Mesurier
Mrs Harriet Brooks Mrs Michael
Mrs Caroline Brown Agnes Miller
Mrs Mary Ann Brown Mrs Hannah Miller
Mrs Bull Mrs Eliza Milward
M A Burnett  
Elisabeth Butler Mrs Monro
Mrs Butler Mrs Christina Montague
  Georgiana Moore
Susan Cator Mrs Willoughby Moore
Justine G Chabrillac Miss Anne W Morton
Sister Lucy Church  
Mrs Mary Ann Clark Anne Newman
Miss Ann Clarke Mrs John Newman -Henrietta E Newman
Mrs Clarke Mrs Newton
Mrs Elisabeth Clarke Miss Nicol
Miss Clough Miss Florence Nightingale
Mrs Holme Coote Sarah Nisbett
M A Coyle Mrs Noble
Mrs Crockitt  
Sister Joseph Croke Elena O'Dwyer
  Mrs Martha Orton
Mrs Davidson Miss Osborne
Mrs Elisabeth Davies  
Mrs M A Davies Mrs Parker
J Davy Miss Maria Parkes
Ruth Dawson Mrs Paton
Sister Bernard Dickson Mrs Payne
Mrs Disney Ethelreda Pillar
Mrs Doey Miss Piper
Sister Alosyius Doyle Miss Polidori
Mrs Elizabeth Drake Mrs Jane Priest
Janet Duncan Mrs Catherine Prior
  F J Purnell
Mrs Ecclesfield  
Miss Ecuyer Miss Louisa Raynes
Mrs Edwards Mrs Anne Reading
Mrs Margaret Elmslie Mrs M A Reid
Miss Harriet Erskine Paula Rice
Martha Eskip Mrs Robbins
Mrs Jane Evans Mrs Eliza Roberts
  Mrs Rogers
Emma Fagg Mrs Margaret Rogers
Mrs Susannah Falkner Mrs Mary Ross
A Faulkner Mrs Rothersham
Miss Susan Finlay  
Mrs Eliza Frodsham Miss Salisbury
  Mrs Sandhouse
Louisa Gailey Mrs Sansom
Miss Gibson Miss Clara Sharpe
Mrs Gibson Mrs Sinclair
Mrs Margaret Godfrey Elizabeth Smith
Miss Goodman Miss Drusilla Smith
Mrs Goodman Miss Smythe
Mrs Fanny Grainger Miss A E Smythe
Mrs Sophia Green Winifred Spry
Mrs Mary Grey Miss Mary Stanley
Miss Elizabeth Griesdale Mrs Stanley
Sarah Grove Mrs Elizabeth Stevens
E Grundy Mrs Shaw Stewart
Mrs Julia Gunning Mrs Isabella Storer
  Eliza Sullivan
Miss Emma Halford Mrs Suter
Mrs Margaret Hallinan  
Mrs Hamilton Mrs Ann Tainton
Mrs Jane Harding Mrs Tandy
Sister Ann Harnack Miss Mary Tattershall
E Hawkins Miss Charlotte Taylor
Mrs Hefferman Miss Fanny Taylor
Stanislaus Hefferman Miss Tebbut
Mrs Hely Sarah Anne Terrot
Mrs Elisabeth Hempstead Sister Ann Thom
Marion Hepburn Mrs Thompson
Mrs Ann Higgins Mrs Thorne
Mrs Holmes Miss Tomlinson
Mrs M A Howell Mrs Tuffell
Mrs Charlotte Howes E B Turnbull
Maria Huddon  
Miss Harriet Hughes Mrs Mary Viney
Mrs Hunt  
Aloysius Hurley Mrs Charlotte Wallis
Elisabeth Hussey Miss (?) Warens
Miss Emily Hutton Miss Wear
  Mrs Welford
Miss Jackson Mrs Martha Wheatstone
Mrs Sarah James Elizabeth Wheeler
Mrs Rachael Johnson Mrs Whitehead
Margaret Jones Mrs Agnes Whitly
Miss Jones Mrs Lucretia Whittam
Mrs Lloyd Jones Mrs Charlotte Wilsdon
Mrs Sarah Jones M Williams
S Jones Margaret Williams
  Mrs Wilson
Clare Keane Mrs Margaret Wilson
Mrs Keatley Miss Winthrop
Forbes Keith Mrs Woodward
S Kelley Mrs Anna Woodward
Miss E Kingston Mrs Emma Woolley
  Mrs Mary Young

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