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The Davidge Family of Melbury Abbas and Motcombe, Dorset, England

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The Family of Jonah Davidge and Frances Lilley

Jonah married Frances Lilley in Motcombe in1821 in the presence of Nehemiah Davidge; he became a Cordwainer and lived in Motcombe. They had 9 children, all baptised in Motcombe:

In 1841 the family lived in Ludwell, close to Joseph and Anna - with the exception of Jonah who was living with his grandparents, John and Anna Davidge in Motcombe. In 1851 Jonah was living in Motcombe.

Their children can be followed forward:

Lydia Davidge

Lydia married John Sanson of Compton Chamberlyne, Wiltshire at the church of Cann St Rumbold, Dorset in 1853. Lydia was of full age and a spinster living in Cann. Her father was given as Jonah Davidge, Cordwainer. John was also of full age, a bachelor and a sawyer. His father shared his name and occupation! Both signed. The witnesses were Jonah and Christianna Davidge.

Jonah Davidge Junior

Jonah married Izzy/Ezit Perrett of East Stour. The spelling of Izzy/Ezit varies widely and seems to be different in almost every record!

Jonah Davidge junior left a will when he died in 1872. He was living in East Stower and he named: William Green (friend), John Blackmore (wife's nephew), Jonah Davidge (his father), his brothers and sisters (not named), John Coombes of Danecliffe Motcombe and Ezit his wife. When Ezit died in East Stour in 1892, she named: Flora Blackmore (niece), William Blackmore (nephew), John Blackmore (nephew), John Water (nephew), Julia Sutcliffe, wife of Joseph Sutcliffe (niece) and Hector Read (Great Nephew).

In 1881 Ezit was a widow and farmer of 30 acres living with her nephew and niece, John and Flora Blackmore.

In 1891, Ezit was a widow aged 76, still living in Bullens Farm, East Stour. She was a farmer. Her niece, Flora Blackmore and servant, Mary Myall, lived with her. Jonah was buried at East Stour in 1872 aged 45. Ezit was buried there in 1892 aged 79.


Uriah Davidge married Emily Hine of Bridport in the Bridport Registration District in 1859.

There is no sign of Uriah in the 1881 census index but by 1891 he had moved to Weymouth. Here he was living in Park Street and running the Railway Hotel. He was 52 years old. His wife Emily, also 52 and born Bridport was living with him.

In the 1901 census Uriah Davidge is found living in the Chapelhay area of Weymouth - in a row of 4 houses called Salem Place, which is roughly where the Chapelhay Shops are today. Uriah lived at 4 Salem Place, sharing a house with a family called Charles New, a Brewer and Maltster from Buckhorn Weston, his wife Lily and Walter and Benjamin Mann whose relationship to Charles is given as 'brother'. They were both stone quarrymen. This whole area was destroyed by bombing during World War Two and council flats built where the Victorian terraces once stood. It was a poor part of town.

Uriah was a Publican, was aged 62 and gave his birthplace as Shaftesbury. With him was his wife Emily, also 62 and born in Bridport.

Uriah was of the parish of Holy Trinity, Weymouth, when he died in 1902.


In 1871 Sabrina was a servant for a farmer, William Woodcock, at Foulstone Farm in Fugglestone, Wiltshire. She was enumerated as Sabina, was aged 37, unmarried and a housemaid born Motcombe.

Barbara Anna

In 1861 Barbara was a Lady's Maid to Sarah Smith at Letton House, Pimperne. Sarah's husband, Edwin, was a solicitor. Barbara was enumerated as Anna B Davidge aged 25, born Motcombe. John Dunning, her future husband , was also working for the Smith family as a footman in 1861.

John and Barbara's marriage has not been found but they baptised two children, Eleanor and Harry John at Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester.

John's occupation was given as 'domestic servant' for both. At the time of Eleanor's baptism, the family residence was given as Colliton village; by Harry's it was Glyde Path Hill. Colliton is now the area known as Colliton Park, occupied by the Dorset County Council Office, courts, library and other official buildings; Glyde Path Hill still survives as a small, narrow lane leading from High West Street to Colliton Park.

In 1871, Barbara was still living Glyde Path Hill with Eleanor aged 4 and Harry aged 2. Her occupation was given as Butler's wife. John was not with the family at the time and has not yet been found in 1871. In 1881 the family were still in Glyde Path Hill.

The family cannot be traced any further until 1901 when Harry John turns up in Theberton Street, Theberton, Sussex. He was aged 31, a domestic Butler born Dorchester. With him were his wife Annie, aged 33 and born Westminster and children Winifred, 2, born Aldershot and Annie, 5 months, born Theberton.

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